About the Journal

AEJ aims to meet the needs of the astronomy education community by providing a location for all manner of practical, newsworthy and scholarly publications involving developments in the field. In a sense, the journal tries to capture the original spirit whilst taking on board the important lessons from the, now out-of-print, Astronomy Education Review. By focusing on building community collaboration, disseminating important news and opinions, while also maintaining a section on more formal, technical, Astronomy Education Research (AER). This research section intends to compliment the current scholarly discipline-based work undertaken by Latin-American Journal of Astronomy Education (RELEA), the Journal of Astronomy & Earth Sciences Education (JAESE) and, recently, the acceptance of AER articles into Physical Review Physics Education Research (PRPER).

We will accept various types of articles related to astronomy. AEJ will draw on journals such as the CAP Journal, Nature, and Science, to incorporate both peer-reviewed and non-peer reviewed articles. There will be a peer-reviewed section of research articles that will be incorporated into AEJ’s scholarly indices. These research articles will be formally peer-reviewed as traditional scientific journal manuscripts and, as such, need to be of a sufficient scholarly standard as recommended by, for example, Scopus. In addition, there is also scope for published invited reviews written by specialists of the area of AER.

There will also be a less formal, non-peer-reviewed, but edited and curated section that contains other relevant material, such as, news, resources, correspondences, classroom and astronomical activities, to help circulate information among the community.