AstroEduCon - Conference Proceedings


2nd October 2023

Articles can now be submitted for the AstroEdu Conference 2023, published as a special issue in the Astronomy Education Journal.

We hope the conference proceedings become an important reference for the field as it progresses forward. We hope the proceedings capture a broad picture of the field as a whole that is entertaining and enlightening to read. With this spirit, we request that articles are relatively concise and to the point while also retaining some character, polish and flourish. 

Please actively reference, where credit is due, other examples and ideas in the literature, especially those that contrast, complement or pre-date your own. As this field publishes in a variety of different locations, it has been quite difficult in the past to identify relevant research. This is especially true of education researchers looking for literature in the scientific literature and vice versa. 

There are no fees to be paid either as an author or a reader. The proceedings will be open access and provided through the Astronomy Education Journal (AEJ). Colour images and figures are encouraged as the primary distribution mechanism will be online.

Review Process:

Each conference proceedings article will be reviewed by at least one reviewer with more than one invited at the discretion of the editor/s. Authors who submit conference proceedings will be required to review at least two manuscripts.

Submission Length and Format

Submissions can be made in Word using the template provided. The length of the manuscript will be determined by the type of submission presented at the conference whether online or in-person (see below).


No more than 250 words

Papers arising from submitted Talks:

Maximum of 5 pages including images and references

Papers arising from submitted Posters:

Maximum of 2 pages including images and references

Papers arising from submitted Workshops:

Maximum of 5 pages including images and references


Submission Process:

Authors who wish to submit will need to use the submission system for Astronomy Education Journal (AEJ). If you do not have an account you are able to create an account. When creating passwords please do not use special characters. Once you create an account you will receive a confirmation email to activate your account. If you do not receive an email, please check your SPAM/Junk folder regularly. If you do not receive an email in your Spam/Junk folder please contact

IMPORTANT: Please submit your manuscript to the relevant categories for the conference as listed below

  • AstroEdu Conference2023 - Astronomy Education Research
  • AstroEdu Conference2023 - Astronomy Education Practice
  • AstroEdu Conference2023 - Future of Astronomy Education